The 55 Project



Our mission is to connect people through art, social programs, and education. We truly believe that empowering, educating and uniting people changes lives.

The55Project inspires people to do their best for others and this will be demonstrated through 10 events, which will take place between November 2017 and May 2018.

During this first edition, Brazilian Artists, Social Projects founders, Cultural Leaders and Educators will work together to create Art Shows, Special Events, Live Paintings, Mural Paintings, Silent Auctions, Residencies, Talks, and Seminars.

We hope that after each event the audience feels more involved and connected in their community. Be part of this movement. Join us!

About The 55 Project

Mateu Velasco, Brazilian artist that will be part of 1st residency in NYC followed by an exhibition. Partner: AnnexB